With a Love Like This

With a love like Darcy and Elizabeth’s, Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice lovers can never have enough. Here’s another chance to add to your growing Pride and Prejudice ‘what-if’ library with four of P. O. Dixon’s bestselling stories for the price of one.

Check your library! If either of these delightful stories is not there, what better time than now to embark on your next romantic escape.

  • Book One – Designed for Each Other

Make room, Mrs. Bennet. It’s Charlotte’s turn to play matchmaker for Mr. Darcy and her intimate friend, Elizabeth.

Mr. Darcy has a second chance to court Miss Elizabeth Bennet after his disastrous marriage proposal, thanks largely to Mrs. Collins’s timely intervention. As a result of an incident at Rosings, Darcy and Elizabeth find themselves suddenly engaged to each other.

Elizabeth respects Mr. Darcy. She likes him very much. But, what if she fears she is not indeed in love with the gentleman? What if Elizabeth is persuaded she does not really know what love is?

Darcy’s heart belongs to Elizabeth. What must he do to convince her that her heart belongs to him?

Praise for Designed for Each Other:

❝Another delightful story from Ms Dixon! I was in desperate need of a little P&P pick me up and this story completely fit the bill.❞

❝It was a quick read, one to take to the beach for R & R.❞

Book Two – A Tender Moment

What if two weeks after the Meryton assembly Darcy no longer wishes to deny his increasing fascination with the bewitching Miss Elizabeth Bennet and her amazing eyes? What if he’s the last man in the world she wishes to spend time with owing to his tendency of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time? Will he persuade her to give him another chance to earn her good opinion?

Praise for A Tender Moment:

❝I want more!!! P. O. Dixon has done it again and written a sweet little story!!❞

❝Well I have to say it was well written and I enjoyed the story that’s why I gave it five stars.❞

Book Three – Irrevocably Gone

From almost the first moment Mr. Darcy beheld Miss Elizabeth Bennet, his heart was irrevocably gone. But will he admit it? What will it take to make him realize he wants to spend his life with her? A proposal from another man? A second proposal from yet another?

What of Elizabeth? Will she obey her own heart’s yearning? Can she afford to wait for love?

Praise for Irrevocably Gone:

❝Couldn’t put this story down. A lovely version of love being discovered with my favorite characters.❞

❝You will enjoy the trip of events and find yourself not wanting it to end.❞

Thousands of delighted readers helped make A Tender Moment a #1 Best Seller in Classic Short Stories.

§ And now, the story continues…

Book Four – Miss Elizabeth Bennet

Tragedy. Truth. Triumph.

Tragedy at Longbourn forces Miss Elizabeth Bennet to face certain truths about her family, compelling her to chart her own course in life.

Darcy long admired Elizabeth even though her family’s lack of propriety, their want of connections and fortune, and his sense of their inferiority prevented him from forming any serious designs on her.

Will Elizabeth’s new path in life allow Darcy to overcome all his objections, leading them straight into each other’s arms? Or will other family obstacles keep them apart?

Praise for Miss Elizabeth Bennet:

❝This is a very interesting and entirely new version of Pride and Prejudice from P.O. Dixon. All of her stories are unique and entertaining …❞

❝The story was different, entertaining and enjoyable. Most importantly, Darcy and Elizabeth lived happily ever after, again!❞

❝I liked the author’s use of each person’s character in sculpting out a different means of bringing the hero and heroine to each other. Recommend!❞

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