The Makings of Mr. Darcy

Fifth Anniversary Commemorative Edition

Darcy and the Young Knight’s Quest Series Boxed Set with He Taught Me to Hope Bonus Scenes

Book 1: He Taught Me to Hope
What if Elizabeth is promised to another when she meets Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the one man who captures her heart and imagination like no other? What’s more, Darcy has an entanglement of his own—an engagement of a peculiar kind. As dire as their chance for “happily ever after” seems, is there a measure of hope by way of a strong and enduring bond between them?

Book 2: The Mission
Bennet Carlton captures our imaginations in He Taught Me to Hope. Join the precocious young knight as he embarks upon a mission to bring his Bennet and Fitzwilliam relations to Pemberley for Christmas, and in so doing, teaches his family to hope.

Book 3: Hope and Sensibility
Join Darcy, Elizabeth, and Ben on their travels to Kent, and then Hertfordshire, and finally back to Derbyshire and enjoy young Ben’s exploits along the way.

● Praise for He Taught Me to Hope ●

❝An excellent story with a memorable take on Jane Austen’s characters from Pride and Prejudice.❞ — The Calico Critic

❝One does not need to know or love the Arthurian legends to enjoy this story. For those who love Darcy and Elizabeth, the parallels are unique and well-delivered. It’s an enchanting HEA!.❞ – Jakki L., Leatherbound Reviews

● Praise for The Mission ●

❝I definitely recommend this vignette to admirers of P. O. Dixon, Pride and Prejudice alternate paths, and adorable children!❞ – Meredith, Austenesque Reviews

● Praise for Hope and Sensibility ●

❝This was by far my favorite book in this series. It was well-plotted, nicely written and felt too short when it was over. I really hope we get a fourth book added to this series ….❞ — Claudine A Pepe, Just Jane 1813

❝I can always count on Dixon’s stories to truly find escape and become lost again in my favorite novel and with my favorite characters. With new plot twists, characters and drama, I love to be lost and revel in her tales. This series continues to grow, and this one was fantastic.❞ — Books Hug Back

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