Pride and Sensuality

“Falling in love with Mr. Darcy became so easy once she had made a start.”

* Ranked #1 Best Seller in Classic Short Stories
* Ranked #1 Best Seller in Historical Fiction Short Stories
* Ranked #1 Best Seller in Class Romance Fiction

~ A lighthearted, whimsical, entertaining, yet ever so sensual tale of Darcy and Elizabeth’s pleasurable pursuits pending their nuptials. ~

With his mind agreeably engaged on the pleasures that await him once he and his dearest, loveliest Elizabeth are man and wife, Darcy’s patience wanes, and he begins to wonder if he will ever find time alone with his betrothed.

Elizabeth is not oblivious of the discomfort Darcy must surely suffer. Not only does she have the key to his heart; she knows how to use it.

Part I – Such a Place as This
Part 2 – The Key to His Heart
Part 3 – Dancing a Reel
Part 4 – Cause to Repine
Part 5 – All Her Maternal Feelings

~ What’s the second most often asked question about Pride and Sensuality? ~

If Pride and Sensuality were a film, what rating would it be?

The Answer: This wonderfully entertaining short story about Darcy and Elizabeth, an engaged young couple violently in love, would be rated PG.

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