Loving for all Seasons

A Special Limited Edition Collection!

Here’s a chance to add to your growing Pride and Prejudice ‘what-if’ library with three of P. O. Dixon’s bestselling stories for the price of one.

Book One – To Refuse Such a Man

Compromised. Courted. Captivated.

The last thing Mr. Darcy expected was to meet the woman whose nearness caused him to entertain ideas of what it would be like to know her as his wife.

Praise for To Refuse Such a Man:

❝Darcy is the consummate gentleman in this retelling. And Elizabeth is her wonderful witty self. These two just make me happy.❞

❝I enjoyed this book very much !!!! PO Dixon writes wonderful books and this is among them, I recommend it very much.❞

❝Ms Dixon is such a gifted writer that she is able to transport us readers into her world, making you feel and see what is happening to our beloved D&E.❞

Book Two – Matter of Trust: The Shades of Pemberley

Scandal, Secrets, and Deception.

An engaging Pride and Prejudice “what-if” story with a hint of intrigue and a touch of romance.

Praise for Matter of Trust:

❝A nice satisfying Pemberley variation with largely faithful portrayals of the major characters and some interesting new additions.❞

❝Love P O Dixon’s books. This P&P alternative gives Darcy a “suspect” long lost relative and it creates some good and bad problems. Loved the story line and the new characters.❞

❝PO Dixon is turning into an Austen guarantee for me. Everything that I have read by the author I enjoy.❞

Book Three – Impertinent Strangers

Insults and Disdain. Intrigue and Desire.

Did Darcy admire Elizabeth for her impertinence? Discover the answer to the question and more. Much more.

Praise for Impertinent Strangers:

❝This variation was indeed different and fun to read. The things that happened – happened in opposite order of what usually happens in other variations. Very different and uniquely wonderful!❞

❝Another enjoyable read by Mrs. Dixon! I enjoyed how she used all of the elements of the original story but rearranged it to make it uniquely hers.❞

❝Pam Dixon has written another fun Darcy and Elizabeth variation that I couldn’t put down.❞

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