gravity (n.) – c. 1500, “weight, dignity, seriousness, solemnity of deportment or character, importance,” from Old French gravité “seriousness, thoughtfulness” *

“What have wealth or grandeur to do with happiness?” – Jane Austen

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is a single man of a large fortune who stands to gain even more wealth and power with the advent of his marriage to his cousin, the sole heiress of Rosings Park. It is his destiny. His family expects the union. He is determined to let nothing stand in his way.Upon accepting an offer to spend the summer at Pemberley, Miss Elizabeth Bennet believed she was in no danger from Mr. Darcy. The two of them met in London and barely tolerated each other. But what happens at Pemberley could not possibly have occurred in London, and it does not take long for Elizabeth to discover that she is indeed in grave danger of falling in love with the gentleman.What about the gentleman’s feelings? Will Mr. Darcy remain steady to his purpose and marry his wealthy cousin, or will his desire for Elizabeth make him realize his true purpose is about to unfold?

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