Everything Will Change

Everything Will Change Series Books One and Two in a Special Edition Collection.

Kidnapping. Deception. Arranged Marriage. An intriguing twist on Jane Austen’s timeless classic? You decide.

§ Book One – Lady Elizabeth

Elizabeth lives a charmed life, or so it seems. Despite her noble relations and all the wealth and privileges entailed, something is missing.

During his stay at Netherfield Park in Hertfordshire, Darcy learns of a tragedy that befell the Bennets, a family from a nearby estate, over a decade prior. One of the Bennet daughters vanished in broad daylight from the streets of Lambton.

Will Darcy unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of the second-born Bennet daughter? What if it means losing the one woman who has captured his heart?
§ Book Two – So Far Away

Elizabeth’s story continues. No longer plagued with lingering questions from the past, her doubts and concerns about her future have only begun. In reuniting with her Bennet relations, will she lose the man she loves?


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