Courtship and Matrimony

❝Be it fascination or be it infatuation, be it love or be it lust, or better yet, be it the best combination of all those things, Elizabeth was certain she never wished to be parted from Mr. Darcy.❞

A Limited Edition Collection!

Book One: Pride and Sensuality

With his mind agreeably engaged on the pleasures that await him once he and his dearest, loveliest Elizabeth are man and wife, Darcy’s patience wanes, and he begins to wonder if he will ever find time alone with his betrothed. What happens when Darcy’s fondest wish unfolds?

Book Two: Dearest Elizabeth

The Darcys are happily married, and it’s time for Elizabeth to take her place among Derbyshire society. Will the Bennets’ arrival at Pemberley usher in a period of discontent for the newlyweds?

Book Three: Loveliest Elizabeth

Mr. and Mrs. Darcy return to Pemberley after a Season in town as happy as ever. But what of their new acquaintance? What manner of mischief ensues when a cousin whom Darcy theretofore never knew existed comes to Derbyshire intent on securing his place in the family?

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