A Favorite Daughter

Release Date: Winter 2020


If you are reading this letter, my dearest Lizzy, it means you have not preceded me in death.  Therefore, I must insist you do not mourn ever long for me. Things are just as they ought to be.

Indeed, this is one area in life in which I have succeeded. No parent wishes to outlive a most beloved child.

If only I might boast of such success in other endeavors—most notably begetting a son to inherit Longbourn. Do I do you a disservice, my child, in contenting myself with the notion that you are like the son I never had? I think not.

Please know that were it in my power to change the terms of the entail, I most assuredly would have done so. I would have bequeathed our family’s home and all my worldly possessions to you.

No one on Earth is more deserving.

Instead, I have left you with the unenviable task of caring for your mother, your sisters, and most importantly, yourself. Were the burden to fall to a lesser person, I might have great cause for concern. That is not to say I believe you will not be met with more than your share of challenges. When trying times come, as they inevitably will, I ask you to embrace your own sage philosophy.

Remember, your courage always rises with any attempts to intimidate you.

Yours in eternal life,

Thomas Bennet

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