Pride and Prejudice Untold

These provocative Pride and Prejudice ‘what-if’ stories include all the passion you might expect of worldly gentlemen violently in love with equally headstrong women, along with enough obstacles, mischief, and intrigue to keep you turning the pages.


Book One: To Have His Cake (and Eat It Too): Mr. Darcy’s Tale

In this amorous, provocative, and at times tumultuous tale, Mr. Darcy is a wealthy young man of sense and education with considerable knowledge of the world. He is his own master. He enjoys his lifestyle and has no particular desire to marry at all.

That is until he renews his acquaintance with Miss Elizabeth Bennet—her circumstances greatly diminished pursuant to the sudden and tragic death of her father.

Book Two: What He Would Not Do: Mr. Darcy’s Tale Continues

Darcy has overcome all the obstacles to marrying Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Now, he must reaffirm his promise to be a man truly worthy of her affections.

Confronted, out of the blue, with the intimate knowledge of her husband’s rakish past, Elizabeth is obliged to reconsider long-held beliefs that otherwise threaten to tear them apart.

Book Three: Lady Harriette: Fitzwilliam’s Heart and Soul

For years, Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam enjoyed making light of Darcy’s deep affection for Miss Elizabeth Bennet in what seemed destined to be an unrequited love. After Darcy won Elizabeth’s heart and made her his wife, Richard continued his wont to taunt his lovesick friend.

Now, the proverbial shoe is on the other foot. It’s Darcy’s turn to make light of Richard’s struggles to prove himself worthy of pleasing the woman in his life. Can Richard stay true to his purpose or will the worrisome winds of ill fate intervene?


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