SPOILER ALERT!!! What He Would Not Do ~ Mr. Darcy’s Tale Continues does not introduce another man as a love interest for Elizabeth.

To anyone who has read and enjoyed To Have His Cake (and Eat It Too) ~ Mr. Darcy’s Tale, and would like to know what happens to our beloved couple next, you will want to read What He Would Not Do ~ Mr. Darcy’s Tale Continues.

 It is the story of a newly wed Darcy and Elizabeth, who are very much in love. There are the ups and downs one might expect as a result of an unequal alliance. Through it all, their bond strengthens.

 Do not be persuaded, one way or the other, by anything you may have read somewhere along the line that the story introduces a new love interest for Elizabeth. It is not true.

 Just in case you find such a notion intriguing, I am currently writing a story along those lines.  It is entitled He Taught Me To Hope. Read chapters one through four here.

P O Dixon

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