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What Readers Say,

“PO Dixon is turning into an Austen guarantee for me. Everything that I have read by the author I enjoy.”

“I love stories by P.O.Dixon. Her characters live and breathe, and they have conversations that real people would have.”

“Dixon faithfully delineates the original Jane Austen characters, so I have enjoyed reading other of her works, as well as this one.”

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What Readers Are Saying …

“While there is the hot, sensual passion, their needs run much deeper than just the physical. Welding together friendship and trust, the two come to have such a deep love for each other in all aspects.”  Jakki L.

“… the intimate surprise between Darcy and Elizabeth at the end was just the right amount of steamy romance.”  Erlynn

“If you are like me and love to see a ‘determined Darcy’ then you will love this Darcy.”  Stephanie H.

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Widowed after six months of marriage, an older Elizabeth is determined to leave her past behind and enjoy life to its fullest, on her own terms. Charming, witty, and engaging, she is widely admired by all. However, everything is not as it seems. She harbours a secret.

The beautiful widow captivates a younger Mr. Darcy. He knows her better than she knows herself. He struggles to break through her protective barriers, the most daunting being her tightly held conviction that she will never marry again.

Will he unlock the secret to her heart?


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